Markomi - Marketing Automation for Franchise Systems

Run easy, scalable and brand-controlled marketing programmes.

Provide centrally managed, best practice, brand controlled multi channel marketing campaigns to your Franchise network, which are very easy to use and can be developed, launched and independently managed by your Franchisees.

When running a brand across multiple locations or franchises it can be challenging to have complete visibility of what marketing is being done and to realise a return.

Corporate identity can be lost through locally developed campaigns. It can also be a challenge to make sure purchasing power is centralised, particularly when it comes to print spend.

Franchisors want to ensure that their franchisees promote the business properly, and consistently. Franchisors want also to keep marketing information up to date, and effective.

What if you could provide your franchisees with an easy to use portal where they can access pre defined campaign workflows with no technical knowledge or skills required. Campaigns can be quickly created at head office, and then released to franchisees. All the franchisee needs to do is personalise for their location or region, upload their customer data and press go. It's as simple as that!

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Manuel Arroniz

Senior International Business Development Manager
+49 (0)511 7404-5393