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Makery DIY Restaurant

Makery is the first Do-It-Yourself restaurant in the world, where guests can order and cook their own meals with the help of a video software on a tablet, while they are having creative fun with their partner, friends, family or colleagues.

These elements together make Makery a unique and unforgettable interactive experience for guests since 2017. Till today Makery has a 5.0-star rating on Facebook with more than 17.000+ likes and counting.

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Franchising seit2019
Franchisepartner (D)3
Franchisepartner (Int.)5
Standorte (Int.)3

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„The Makery concept is an innovative way how to enjoy cooking. It brings together people who may have nothing in common.“
Nikola Rapcova, co-owner
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András Kövécs
András KövécsTelefon +36 204471177Mobile +36 204471177andras.kovecs@makeryworld.com


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