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Fogarolli was born from a straightforward idea: Everyone everywhere should have access to travelling coffee. Unfortunately, when travelling through Sweden in the early 2000s, founder Cristina Fogarolli couldn’t find any that was truly fantastic. Cristina and her partner then decided that if nobody else were going to do it, they would. The result was a business that served delicious drinks, adhered to ethical practices, and quickly built a loyal customer base of coffee lovers. Fogarolli is now nearly a decade old, has 30 mobile espresso bars, and continues to expand at an impressive rate. The primary driver of this growth is franchising and business partnerships. Our franchisees love working with us because of the freedom, mobility, and profitability that we provide. The mobile nature of our mopeds lets them live and earn anywhere in the country while simultaneously keeping their costs as low as possible. We also have had great success partnering with shopping centres, transit stations, and private caterers. All a Fogarolli espresso bar needs to operate is a power cord and a worker behind the counter. This leads to low operating costs, no stress, and easy integration. Ultimately, our success comes from incredible hospitality, professionalism, management, and popularity. These factors combine to a business that benefits franchisees, business partners, and customers in every possible way.

Daten und Fakten des Franchise Systems Fogarolli

Franchising seit2006
Franchisepartner (D)20
Investitionssumme 19.500 €
Einstiegsgebühr 4.700 €
Laufende Gebühr 160 €
Werbegebühr 160 €
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Sebastian Ryberg
Sebastian RybergTelefon +46 707 313514Mobile +46 416588881sebastian@fogarolli.com


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